3 Ways to Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

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When it comes to having a great work-life balance at your job, some people are simply luckier than others. Some careers can have a better chance of a great work-life balance and some careers can be challenging in that regard. Whether or not you have time for the other rewarding aspects of your life depends on the nature of the industry you’re in. However, it is common for people to work longer hours than they need to, which can inhibit them from enjoying their life as much as they can.


Here are three ways to achieve a better work-life balance:



Stop working longer than your colleagues

It can look terrific to an employer when you are willing to put in more effort than your colleagues, but constantly outworking what you think is your competition does not necessarily guarantee a gold star. What could end up happening is having your efforts being met with the assumption that you simply cannot get your work done in time. This bleeds into the assumption that you lack the efficiency that your colleagues seem to possess. So instead of racking in those hours, focus on being more productive by trying to use the time you have to get your work done.



Turn off once in a while

Constantly thinking about work does not make you a better worker, it just makes you forget all the other things in your life that need attention. Things like your friends, family, and other hobbies. Do not forget that activities outside of work not only complete your life, but they make you more calm and focused during those strenuous work hours. To seek perfection is what we do at work is natural, but understand that the other responsibilities and leisure’s encompass the entirety of what makes you happy.



Never stop trying to make your life easier

Priorities change, promotions and other life events happen, and distractions keep appearing. What should not fluctuate is our commitment to making our lives better. This might mean eating healthier and exercising to reduce stress, or cutting out time-wasting activities at work. Whatever it may be, try to find the little things that make life easier. Everyone has a different view about what a good work-life balance means to them, so take the time to see what an ideal situation would be and make efforts towards that every day.

Courtney Adams

Courtney is a writer, designer, marketer, and wanderluster. She resides in Vancouver, Canada and studies Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University. When she’s not absorbing random information through documentaries and TEDtalks, she’s out trying to make new friends, memories, and find new perspectives. To discover more, find her on LinkedIn by clicking the icon below.

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