5 reasons to launch now

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With fluttering hearts and trembling fingers, the Incubate team members are waiting to see the response to the launch of incubatemag.com. We’re only a very small team, with limited experience and are exposing an idea we’ve had brewing for a long time to the big, wide world. So we don’t feel ready to launch, but we’ve done it anyway. Here are Incubate’s top five reasons why:

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1 – Because you won’t get further in life by being afraid of what might happen.

What if people laugh at your idea? Maybe you’ll start, but won’t be able to finish. How on earth can you get paid for what you’re doing? These thoughts, and many more, went through the heads behind Incubate and still do. But the thought of seeing someone else successfully launch the exact same idea you had, because they tried when you didn’t, is much scarier.

2 – Because all big things start small.

The prospect of creating a whole, functioning business from the idea floating around in your head is daunting. That’s why it helps to just take it one small step at a time. If you do just one thing each day, that brings you closer to your goal and a year from today you’ll be 365 steps further than you are now. It’s that simple!

3 – Because the longer you hang on to your idea, the more you’ll be afraid to let go of it.

When I was younger, I had a piece of cloth that I carried around with me everywhere I went. There were many cloths like it, but that one was mine. It was comforting to feel it in my hand and hugging on to it at night helped me sleep. Of course, the more I held on to it, the more upsetting it was to try to let go. The tighter I held it in my gripping toddler hands, the more holes it got and one day I lost interest in it completely. You can see where I’m going with this…

4 – Because the best way to improve your idea isn’t by spending hours tweaking the little details, but by getting real feedback.

Your business idea is your baby, so naturally you believe it’s perfect. At least, you don’t want to hear otherwise. But the surest way to have a perfect product is to let go of it and provide an opportunity for others to point out the holes you can’t see. It’s rare that the first version of a product will stay the same, and that’s because successful creators know they need to take a step back and let others criticise.

5- Because no one ever feels ready.

Did you know that Richard Branson launched his first business as a 16-year-old and dropped out of high school to carry on with a church as his office? It’s hard to picture that a high school dropout, no matter how confident, would know completely what he’s doing. The same goes for nearly every household name in the world of company founders. Mark Zuckerberg launched a university social network when there seemed to be no market for it. Microsoft was born from Bill Gates ringing Altair up and pretending to have created a programme code to get a foot in the door. Sir Alan Sugar (another dropout at age 16) is now in the top 100 Sunday Times Rich List, but started by selling TV aerials from a van. The moral of these tales? Not to drop out of school or to lie about what you can do. Rather, successful founders start before they feel ready.

No matter your age, experience and position in life, you do have what it takes to launch your idea. We plan on being there for you every step of the way.

Tiffany is the creator of Incubate Magazine. When she is not writing for Incubate or freelance gigs, she gets cosy with a book, wishes for an ugly dog and pines for the countryside. She has a Bachelor degree in Journalism and is currently studying a Bachelor in Business.

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