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While running your startup it’s essential to find a way to manage projects, track competition, connect and network, manage social media, track finances and finally get things done. There is no shortage of apps that can do just about everything your organisational dreams are made of but are there any out there letting you get started for free? Here are our hand-picked free resources to kickstart your virtual planning.



A simple, powerful and highly visual online collaborative productivity tool, Trello is ideal for project management. Trello operates in the Kanban method of working where items move through different stages across a board. Your work is represented in the versatile system of boards, lists and cards with colour coding, checklists and tags. Cards can be sub-lists, notes, links, photos, files and be assigned to people while giving deadlines. In addition, they can be dragged from list to list or moved from board to board. Team members can comment on, subscribe to, or vote on cards.

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Asana is a web-based solution dealing with task management and focuses on effective collaboration in teams without use of mail. Similar to Trello it is divided into workspaces, projects and tasks where users can add notes, attachments etc. Due to the overlapping niches, comparison of both applications is a topic of vigorous discussion. Ultimately the choice is a matter of personal preference because both platforms work incredibly well as tools to manage a huge range of projects and processes. Free version supports up to 15 team members


Wunderlist is yet another to-do list manager which creates lists synced between your phone, tablet and computer. It facilitates collaboration with people and allows for setting reminders to never forget important events. It integrates with social platforms and its clear interface allows for ease of functionality.


Provides simple time tracking on the go. Developed by Estonian company, Toggl allows users to estimate the time spent on various projects and analyse productivity. It proved to be the leading online time tracking tool, which gain popularity among freelancers, consultants, and small companies. It is useful when you are billing on a per-hour basis and you don’t want to charge clients time for taking breaks or any other activity not related to the task. It’s cloud-based and can be used from browser, computer or smartphone. All the data are synced in real time.

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This is a Gmail widget that shows everything about your contacts right inside your inbox. That includes social profiles, mutual connections and recent tweets.  It is similar to the old Rapportive, and works perfectly for anyone who seeks an additional network. For instance, if you are on LinkedIn looking at someone’s profile, Discoverly will provide data about mutual connections on Facebook and recent tweets on Twitter. It does the reverse on Facebook by showing mutual connections and work info on LinkedIn. In addition it shows other social networks and platforms that the person researched person is on or is using.

At face value, these apps may seem pretty similar but it’s when you look at the customisability of each that you notice one may tick your boxes more than another. Take advantage of them being free and try them all out until you find the best fit for your project.

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Joanna is a writer for the Tech World column. She has a Master degree in Biotechnology. She loves to take on new challenges and believes in cross-cultural communication as a tool to improve global understanding.

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