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First impressions are everything. They are significantly shaped by the visual image you project. They will either have a positive or negative impact. As far as business goes, the first user experience may engage or push away – for good. Princeton University found that first judgments are formed within milliseconds and are very hard to change. In fact, 75 percent of users admit to making judgments based on the website design alone. Are you worrying about how much punch your website packs? You should be but you can smooth that frown because we’ve put together a list of free tools that will brighten up your image in no time.



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Canva is an app putting an end to all Photoshop headaches and creates high-quality content graphics. Canva makes graphic design easy for anyone. It revolves entirely around intuitive controls such as drag-and-drop. It is great for creating social media graphics, it is cloud based and last but not least, it is totally free. Note however, that there are some special features that do require a fee. Canva can be used to create infographics presentations, blog visuals, social media images such as Facebook headers and more. Explore the possibilities for yourself!




Posterini allows you to create amazing designs and visuals within seconds. This clever tool produces professional posters, wedding cards, magazine covers, course offers and much more. It can be used for startup promotion and marketing, news announcement and brainstorming. However, it does come with some limitations. A basic free account provides you with a powerful editor with easy templates and effects, and no watermarks. Posters are created only in small size. Professional accounts expand towards more quality, features and assets.




Very popular form of content and social updates are quotes. takes them to the next level by creating images from them. All you need to do is to enter your quote into the editor on the homepage, and choose a layout from the long list of templates. Done! and

showdown_2-1320x822 and are two somewhat similar and equally useful tools to create infographics. They make it possible to present information in a visual way that gives them a sense for clarity. Both products allow you to create various charts by just clicking and moving the mouse. No data skills required.

A full-blown website isn’t always necessary but standing out visually online is. That’s where comes in.

about me is a simple personal website platform that acts as a virtual online business card. You can put the URL to your site in your Twitter profile, share it on Facebook, include it on your resume or add it as your website on LinkedIn. is also great for expanding your network by randomly browsing other profiles and connecting with users by starring their profiles, email them or even by leaving a compliment. It also includes a dashboard so you can find out how many people are looking at your page and where they’re clicking through to.

Did we miss any? Leave your favourite design tools in the comments below!

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