How To Be Productive In The Right Way

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How to be productive is a challenge we all face. We have all encountered times where we are supposed to be focused on a very specific task and our mind is wandering. Other times we are stuck in a brainstorming session and we end up thinking about what our plans are for the week in painful detail. It is not that we are incapable of doing what is right in front of us, but we are not in the right mindset to handle the task properly.

Here are the two mindsets of productivity that we find ourselves in, and when to use them:

The Creative

The Creative mindset comes out when we are tired. If you’re a morning person, it would appear in the evening. If you’re a night owl, the morning is the best time. The Creative is less concerned with the smaller details of a presentation or the grammar in a business plan, and instead will explore new ideas and ways of thinking. The more abstract and innovative, the better. The Creative will introduce passion and insight into the mix, and will fiddle with long-term goals and provide direction.

The Controlled

The Controlled mindset is our logical, “awake” self. When the morning person wakes up, they have a high attention to detail, and are more likely to plan, organize, and schedule their lives.  The Controlled has a higher standard of perfection, so looking through work and tweaking things becomes an absolute necessity. When we find ourselves in this mindset, we tend to see things in black and white, so trying to think of creative ideas can become challenging. For The Controlled, accuracy and practicality is the name of the game.

How to put these two to work

In order to properly gauge the time and place to use each mindset, and ideally when to combine the two, we can take the example of an entrepreneurial individual looking to expand a small business with a new venture. Let’s assume our individual is more creative in the morning. On their way to work they may consider lofty ideas for expansion for their company. Some ideas might even stick in their mind, and when The Controlled mindset takes over, they begin to consider one of the ideas in a more logical way. Thoughts of the pros and cons of the expansion itself help them to see if it is a viable option for the firm. Suddenly their creativity is tempered and forged into something real and attainable.

In a business setting, the understanding and reasoning required to approach a situation with the correct mindset is an essential skill. Take the time to discover the limits of your creativity, but remember that learning to actually manifest your creative aspirations with a logical mind, is equally as necessary a discovery.

Courtney Adams

Courtney is a writer, designer, marketer, and wanderluster. She resides in Vancouver, Canada and studies Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University. When she’s not absorbing random information through documentaries and TEDtalks, she’s out trying to make new friends, memories, and find new perspectives. To discover more, find her on LinkedIn by clicking the icon below.

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