How to create a stunning presentation

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“Poor presentation skills mean that leaders fail to inspire, products fail to sell, entrepreneurs fail to attract investors and careers fail to soar. Great presentation skills will help you stand apart in the world of ideas” says Carmine Gallo, executive coach and author of ‘Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World’s Top Minds’.

Using fresh approaches when delivering a presentation nowadays it is not only important, it is vital to success. According to Guy’s Kawasaki 10/20/30 rule, you should be able to present your thoughts in 10 slides, 20 minutes and font not smaller than 30 point.

Bored of using the same old presentations? Continue reading and you will never look back at PowerPoint again.



Prezi is a cloud-based, non-linear presentation tool that incorporates the concept of visual mind-mapping and zooming user interface. Its great animations and motion effects infuse the energy to a presentation that you will not get with a static series of one-after-the-other slides. It allows you to visualize the relationships between ideas which make it easier for the audience to grasp what you’re trying to convey. Prezi offers a possibility to either use a template or fully customize a presentation from scratch. Using Prezi is free as long as you don’t mind your presentations being available to the public.

Haiku Deck


Haiku Deck is an elegant, easy to use alternative that handles the details for you. Unlike Prezi, you have the choice to make your slideshow private, public, or restricted. Haiku provides 35 millions of free images and 20 font and image filter combinations. You’re free to upload and use your own images as well, or import them from sites like Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Google+ Photos, and more. It also has a built-in chart and graph capability that allows you to create pie charts, bar graphs and stat charts.

Haiku helps you to focus on your key ideas by limiting the number of words you put on each slide. This makes Haiku an ideal tool to cure anyone who’s used to presenting slides that are dense with text. And here additional bonus for people who are used to PowerPoint and feel more comfortable presenting with it, Haiku has a feature that allows you to export your Haiku deck to PowerPoint.



Sway was announced in October 2014 as an in-preview web application from Microsoft. It is a fresh new way to show and share interactive content. When setting up your Sway, the interface allows for creativity while adding images, uploading files, adding blocks of text and links, and searching Bing, Youtube, Facebook, and OneDrive for more content.

Sway has an interesting Remix! button which allows you to explore new suggestions and  fine-tune your slides. It has three sharing options: public, links, private.

It can be embedded into your other sites to become part of a larger presentation or portfolio. The presentation automatically adapts to fit whatever device it’s viewed on, whether it’s a large or small screen.

So the next time you have to give a presentation you will know exactly which tools will help you to really make a difference to your listeners. Capture their hearts and minds. Seize the moment. Make your presentations extraordinary!

Joanna Pawlikowska

Joanna is a writer for the Tech World column. She has a Master degree in Biotechnology. She loves to take on new challenges and believes in cross-cultural communication as a tool to improve global understanding.

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