How to pursue your dreams when people say you can’t

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Naysayers; they make the future seem bleak, but don’t know what the future holds. They don’t know you, but somehow manage to instill doubt into a hopeful mind. Anyone looking to accomplish something has experienced those who manage to stop progress in its tracks, whether it comes from concern, envy, or by a bad choice of words. This makes pursuing your dream more challenging, whatever it may be, but the challenge helps to make the payoff that much sweeter. Here is how to pursue your dreams when people say you can’t


Think about your obstacles before anyone can surprise you with them

“Sometime you wish it was easier, but if it was, everyone else would do it. Then you remember you don’t want to be like everyone else.” – Britt Balduk

Take a long hard look at what hurdles you are faced with and think about ways that you can overcome them. If fulfilling your dream was easy, someone would have already accomplished it by now, so do not be intimidated by the obstacles you are faced with. When people throw problems at you and you respond with solutions, the final prize looks much more attainable than it would be if you left yourself uneducated and unprepared.


Do not be fooled into thinking someone knows you more than you know yourself

“To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing” – Fred Shero

Know what you are capable of, and know what you need to work on. If you are honest with yourself and are surrounded by people who lift you up, it is harder to fall into the trap of listening to those you say you cannot accomplish something significant. Only you can make your dream happen, and only you will feel the regret that comes with letting other people decide your fate.


Find a mentor

“Growing up is merely watching your heroes turn human right before your eyes” – The Wonder Years

This point is mentioned in articles everywhere, but it couldn’t be more true. Find someone whose accomplishments make you say “Wow, that is incredible,” because that is exactly what you want to feel after all of your hard work; incredible.


Think about the times you were surprised by the success or outcome of something

The future is uncertain, so there will always be things that surprise us and challenge what we thought we knew about the world. A lot of people miss the opportunity to learn from these special events and fail to grow as a person. Whenever self-doubt is festering in your mind, remember the times you thought you would fail but you succeeded. Know that if life isn’t going the way you planned, either change your actions of change your mindset.



Work towards your goal and don’t expect anyone to do it for you. It’s as simple as that.

Courtney Adams

Courtney is a writer, designer, marketer, and wanderluster. She resides in Vancouver, Canada and studies Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University. When she’s not absorbing random information through documentaries and TEDtalks, she’s out trying to make new friends, memories, and find new perspectives. To discover more, find her on LinkedIn by clicking the icon below.

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