Smart ways to improve your social media visibility

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Brand management and social media presence are more important than ever in nowadays. Why is it considered to be such an effective platform for marketing? Because it is fast, free and ubiquitous. Perhaps you have already experimented with marketing through social media, but then you got disheartened while figuring out how to build a social network, learn the best practices and implement a smart social strategy.

No need to struggle anymore! Today Incubate delivers the social media know-how first aid kit.


Don’t know where to start? Learn from the others. Watch the other businesses in your field that has already gone through the same cumbersome beginnings. As a bonus, you will also familiarise yourself with your competition.


Create an amazing profile. Keep it written in first person. Add an attention-grabbing headline. Media like photos and videos drive significantly more engagement. Incorporate your brand’s logo in every shared item. Repeated visuals will go a long way in boosting your brand visibility online. Make sure to include few most-searched terms so people can find you.


Engage with followers. Social media has made it clearer than ever that brand management is a two-way street, noting that a brand has always been a function of consumer perception. Remember however that one of the rules is that if all you do is answer complaints and requests, that is all you will get. Consumers increasingly turn to their social networks not only for customer service but also for information and recommendations. When you add new people to your network, make sure you interact with them.


Encourage User-Generated Content. Online campaigns should encourage users to create content by checking into your business, associating themselves with your brand, sharing images of themselves buying your brand or using your service etc. This information will be more readily shared by their friends than any content you share directly from your brand’s social media accounts.


Partner with other visible brands. A direct partnership is the fastest way to build brand visibility because you are able to get into your partner’s audience and build recognition quickly.

Remember that social media is a powerful tool for creating magnified value from a single effort. If done right, your customers will literally become your brand ambassadors. Is there anything in the business world better than this free marketing?

Joanna Pawlikowska

Joanna is a writer for the Tech World column. She has a Master degree in Biotechnology. She loves to take on new challenges and believes in cross-cultural communication as a tool to improve global understanding.

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